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Forecast Pro XE 5.1

Creates diagnostics presentations from input data
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Generate statistics and manage forecasts in the interface of the utility combining multiple methods of data processing. It supports up to 100 items simultaneously, including products and SKUs. The Expert Selection mode is available for automated forecast generation.

Designed to be flexible, Forecast Pro XE is a standalone analytic tool that combines proven methods for creating accurate forecasts with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
Need to create accurate forecasts for as many as 100 items (such as products or SKUs)? Using the software’s Expert Selection mode, you can automatically create accurate forecasts with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Want to build and analyze custom forecasting models but don’t have the time or desire to learn how to write specialized software code? With menu-based custom modeling options and detailed diagnostic displays, Forecast Pro XE arms you with an easy-to-use, comprehensive set of tools to address even your most sophisticated forecasting challenges.

And the power of Forecast Pro XE doesn’t stop there! You can also add business knowledge, create presentation-quality reports and graphics, and work easily with your existing data.

With Forecast Pro XE, you can create dazzling, presentation-quality reports in seconds. Four professionally-designed standardized report formats are included as well as a custom reporting option for maximum flexibility. You can graph your results on a time series or year-over-year basis, choose from several eye-catching formats including 3-D lines and 3-D columns and save your reports directly to Excel.

Forecast Pro XE provides a standardized set of diagnostic screens to help you compare and evaluate models. A comprehensive set of numeric statistics are available—Adjusted R-Square, MAPE, sMAPE, Sample Size, Mean, MAD, MAD/Mean ratio, Schwartz BIC, Ljung-Box, RMSE, Standard Deviation, R-Square and Standard Forecast Error—as well as graphs of the residuals and the error autocorrelation function, and grid displays of the correlation and covariance matrices.

Forecast Pro XE imports data in a variety of flexible, easy-to-create formats including Excel text files and ODBC. These flexible formats allow you to easily import and export data from virtually any source. There is also a built-in editor to enter your data directly, or to modify and amend files.

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